Prior to our first appointment, I will ask you to complete a simple but detailed questionnaire that will provide me with a picture of your health, lifestyle and current diet.

The information you provide will enable me to undertake a thorough assessment of your nutritional status. After establishing your main health goal(s), we will look at the factors that may be playing a part in your symptoms. Specific tailored actions will then be agreed for you to implement, to start working towards a healthier you.

The next session, usually held two to three weeks later, will review progress and a new action plan will be agreed. A number of sessions may be necessary, particularly if your issues are longstanding, but this would be agreed between us. My approach is practical and realistic, and designed to provide you with helpful nutritional advice that can be incorporated into your lifestyle.
Programmes and prices

15 minute free enquiry call
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Health review programme
Two 60 minute appointments
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Additional 60 minute appointments
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IBS relief programmes

Have you had enough of trying to manage your IBS symptoms? Are your symptoms stopping you from living the life you want? Do you need some clear guidance about how to deal with it for good?

I understand and I can help. My 12 week IBS nutrition programmes will address your symptoms with a two stage plan: to reduce your symptoms with the FODMAP plan (full explanation and food list given) and to review your digestive health to support any areas that may need it. We will catch up regularly during the 12 weeks so you are not on your own.

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12 weeks
Appointments every three weeks

12 weeks
Appointments every two weeks

12 weeks
Appointments every week

Included in all IBS programmes
  • Health questionnaire and dietary analysis
  • Initial consultation and follow up appointments of 30 or 60 minutes
  • Personalised plan with nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • Detailed FODMAP information
  • Quality supplement recommendations with client discount
  • Access to a range of laboratory and functional tests (additional cost)
  • Test result interpretation
  • Medication/nutrient/supplement interaction check
  • GP referral letter (if appropriate)
  • Email support for simple queries between appointments
  • Links to recipes and other educational materials
Phone, Zoom and Skype appointments available

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I first met Helen in December 2014. I’d been suffering from two or three ailments on and off for over a year. None of them was serious and my GP and specialists had investigated and prescribed medications, which gave marginal benefit. I’d reached the stage where I had become drug-dependent and the quality of my health was just okay. I didn’t hold out much hope in consulting Helen, in fact I was quite sceptical. I recall she asked a lot questions and listened intently at the first consultation. After a few more meetings she’d changed my diet (to food I was still happy to eat) and things began to look up. Suffice to say, as if by miracle, five months later I’ve stopped taking the drugs and feel great. I can’t say that Helen will cure any problem but she certainly had a very significant effect on mine and has very much improved the quality of my health.
Stephen, Company Director

I went to see Helen in desperation. My body was screaming out for something but I didn't know what! I was waking at night anxious, dizzy and panicky, my body was shaking inside and out! Helen sent me a questionnaire to complete and return to her and we discussed this at length during my first consultation. She advised me to eliminate certain things from my diet and add others. We also discussed which supplements would be beneficial. I have followed her advice and ensured that I have a more regular meal/drink pattern. I soon started to feel better. Throughout the course of my visits, my anxiety has been eliminated as have the shakes. I have more energy and a much more positive outlook!

I initially saw Helen as I had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue for fifteen months. I had been slowly improving but hit a set back with my fitness.Helen res
earched the condition as there are constant new studies on CFS and was able to identify in great detail, elements I was missing in my diet and lifestyle for some years. I had not felt 100% for about four years after the menopause.
Alongside this, she put me on a restricted fitness programme which gave my body time to recover.
I felt some improvement straight away and over a period of six months I felt better and better. The improvement has continued and 11 months on I am now feeling continuing improvement in every element – fitness, energy, coping with stress, concentration, memory, working & muscle tone. I am now feeling as well as I did before the menopause and managing my health by eating & sleeping well and my energy & fitness is improving weekly.
I would not hesitate in recommending Helen to assist anyone with CFS or just to improve your diet and fitness or going back to Helen for any further help.
Fay, Receptionist

"I first went to see Helen after being diagnosed with a candida problem and I needed advice about the candida diet which i was clueless about at the time. She was very helpful and understanding and was able to provide me with lots of advice on the foods I had to avoid along with the foods I could eat and she also helped me to understand the problem I had. She set out eating plans with me which were clear and easy to follow, along with advising me on which supplements I could take to help improve this condition and my overall health. Along with this I was also suffering with IBS and had been off work for a number of months. The help and advice she gave me also helped me to get this under control and I feel much better since I started seeing her. She helped me to get my life back on track and I am now looking forward to starting a new job and getting back into a normal routine. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me and would definitely recommend her to anyone experiencing similar problems to mine."

"Helen has provided me with invaluable insight into the real content of my diet and the detrimental effect that it was having on my health. Within days of implementing her advice, I had made a remarkable improvement and, with her support, have managed to maintain that over the most dangerous (for my health) months of the year. I will be forever grateful for her knowledge and professionalism in her approach to my difficulties and would not hesitate to recommend her to others, or to seek further advice from her in the future."
Pam, self-employed

"Thanks very much Helen for all your help. I feel so much better and brighter than I did and much of it is down to you."
Debbie, Higher Education Support Tutor

"I am very grateful for your help. I feel better and stronger than I ever have. Your advice has turned my life around and just at the right time."
Peter, Carpenter

"I really appreciate all the help you've given me. I found our sessions invaluable and the difference they've made has been massive."
Karen, Environmental Consultant

"Thanks to Helen I have overcome a multitude of health problems including IBS and PMS. The sessions with Helen helped me incorporate small changes regularly which have improved my overall health. Now I finally have the right balance in my life and feel like a completely different person. Helen helped me steadily lose weight and now I know how to maintenance this loss for good. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family."
Christine, Company Cashier

"I initially went to see Helen because I was suffering from extreme tiredness and exhaustion, as well as poor concentration and memory. Almost immediately after the first session I began to notice an improvement. Helen's advice was very clear and easy to follow and I am really enjoying my new eating plan. I have even managed to lose a few stubborn pounds that previously just wouldn't budge. I feel so much better and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Helen."
Lois, Legal Secretary

"The information and guidance you have given me has been invaluable and has already made a great difference to my health, plus the added benefit of helping me to steadily lose weight."
Natalie, Marketing Communications Professional

"Helen's approach in our consultation was very professional. She took time to listen to me and gave me realistic and practical suggestions that I could easily incorporate into my lifestyle."
Irum, Economist

"When I first visited Helen I had a multitude of health problems, including IBS and acute dizziness. These sessions helped me completely change my lifestyle and the way I eat. I am now feeling great and much more energetic and am about to set up my own business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends and family."
Julie, Self Employed

"Helen has a friendly approachable manner and has helped me enormously. I am now practically symptom free after decades of suffering with IBS and migraines. She has given me coping strategies should symptoms arise, and I am so pleased I made the decision to consult her."
Judith, Events Organiser

"I'd been suffering from unmanageable IBS for a couple of years and was at my wits end when I first contacted Helen, in Feb 2017. I was anxious about leaving the house in case I needed the loo urgently. Helen was very kind and approachable and she gave me confidence that my symptoms could be improved. I went on the Low Fodmap diet and my symptoms started to lessen within the first couple of weeks. Helen also looked at other ways, including probiotics, to support my digestive system and to encourage healthier eating habits. I feel so much better and my quality of life has improved massively. I could not have followed the diet without Helen's guidance, and her detailed knowledge of how to support good digestive function. I now have much more understanding of what my system needs to keep it calm and trouble free."
Maureen, Admin Volunteer

"I had debated over several months, if not years, whether to see a nutritionist. I had always suffered what I thought was quite minor IBS compared to what some people got. The diet Helen put me on was very strict, but was over a relatively short time period. The results were nothing other than exceptional! I felt so much better, and a lot of the excess weight that I had was just down to bloating, and just appeared to fall off! I found Helen incredibly approachable on any diet related subject matter and very supportive. She reminded me to be positive throughout the diet when I found it a little challenging, but the differences that I felt certainly made me feel that I should have done this years ago and not suffered for quite as long. To be honest I only needed a few appointments and then I was well enough to fly solo. I can say that it was definitely worth the little money I spent relative to the amount of years suffering. I would recommend Helen to anyone requiring advice on their diet. Thank you sounds like such an understatement, but thank you Helen. What a difference!"
Andy, Software Engineer

"I had been struggling with dietary issues (IBS and intollerances) since 2012 and tried various ways to cope but it made me depressed and anxious to eat anything. I went to see Helen at the end of 2017 and after six months of her support and guidance I am feeling so much better and eating the right things. I wish I'd gone to her sooner for help! "
Pen, Internal Communications Officer

" I can honestly say that Helen's advice enabled me to lose my final stone and a half. I had managed to lose 2 1/2 stone on my own but for the last year could not make any more headway. I suffer from an underactive thyroid and menopause symptoms, and with the simple changes and food education that Helen advised me on, the weight just dropped off at a slow and steady pace. I have loads of energy and never felt deprived of any foods so I can honestly say this last part was the easiest part in my lifestyle change. "
Karen, Accountant

" My appointments with Helen have changed my life. I feel so much better. I now feel in control of my symptoms and understand more about how I can keep myself healthy in the long term. "
Cheryl, Scientist

" I first saw Helen after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Helen recommended that I commence a low Fodmap diet, and within a few days my symptoms were reduced. I was impressed with Helen’s knowledge on nutrition, and she explained very clearly how an anti inflammatory diet would be helpful for me. By adhering to the diet, trialling high Fodmap foods to test my tolerance, having regular reviews with Helen, and continuing the medical treatment, I am now feeling so much better. My weight is stable, I have virtually no symptoms, and much more energy.
I cannot thank you enough Helen. "
Linda, Counsellor

"After the sudden loss of my partner, I suffered from terrible anxiety. I had counselling which helped to a degree but then along came the Covid virus. I was (along with many others) alone with my bereavement and my anxiety increased drastically. I was terribly anxious, fatigued, and my back and kidneys ached constantly. Also, I couldn't think straight, I was losing my hair, my eyesight was affected and I was a jittery mess who was unable to go out alone. I spoke to my doctors who were great and very helpful. They sent me for blood tests, eye tests, heart monitor, however none of which showed any problems.

I had used Helen's dietary advice in the past and her help turned my life around then, and once again talking to her and listening to her, and her understanding of my condition helped me greatly. Helen explained that I was most likely suffering from adrenal fatigue, a condition not generally considered by GPs. Her dietery advice and understanding has helped me from my first session. I am continuing to improve, I can now go out alone and am picking my life up bit by bit. Its been a long hard slog but with Helen's advice and understanding, I can say with confidence I am finally getting there!

Linda, Retired

"Over the past many months I have loved working with you, and we/you have solved all the problems I originally came to you with - following your advice I now have more energy and feel healthier in body and mind. When I look back at where I was when I started my journey with you, your sessions have really worked magic for me! I have so much more energy and vitality for life - and you helped me push to make sure I'm on the right medication and such - your help has made the world of difference!"
Lydia, Graphic designer




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